Monday, September 12, 2016

It's today!!

What a journey to get to this point - Praise the Lord for His faithfulness - I am encouraged there is a doubting Thomas in the Bible, as that is me at times! When I look at the the impossibilities, instead of seeing the ability of our God. Mike is much more stronger in this than me - but I do smile as I think how far God has brought me to know that Lord you have done this before - I am sure you can do it again :))

So we were kept on the edge of our seats - feeling rather foolish telling people we waiting for papers from Japan, which arrived the day before we wanted to leave - but God is never early and never late so we got those certificates Monday 5 September and handed them in at the consulate on the Tuesday 6th. They asked us for another letter from the guys in Japan - which being 7 hours ahead of us in time is not a quick process and we emailed them the letter by late Wednesday and thankfully they phoned us on the Thursday to say we could collect our visas the Friday - hmmmm can't describe this whole process and all the emotions you go through but we booked our tickets and this is God - got the same price booking 5 days before we fly and the exact amount He provided for the tickets as in my previous post. - when we looked at the prices the week before it had showed we would pay about R6000 more if we had flown today and now when we booked the price was again what God had provided - He is amazing!

So we will be on a plane in a couple of hours.. Thank you to So many who have been So encouraging in the Faith and just supportive people who have been positive and encouraging who are friends etc. It lifts our spirits and spurs us on to the goal to Go.

I am the Worlds worst packer...... You would think I would be the best by now but with help - especially my mom and a good friend to sit with me and get me through the job of sorting 3 seasons clothes and school stuff etc etc we there..... good luck to the check in agent ;))

We trust we can report good things - we go with our faithful God - He has kept giving me scriptures this last few days to Not be afraid , be strong , do the work and reminding me He is with us.

God bless and keep you all

For the joy of Japan for the joy of wherever we all find ourselves today
Cindy and the gang xxxxxx

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