Monday, December 6, 2010

Budapest Saterday 4 November

 Feed the pregnant woman - coffee date
Beautifully decorated ginger bread biscuit decor

 Got one of these pretty crochet angels
 hmm sausage anyone - delicious

 The best sweet hot bread things to eat - these were huge

 we took a photo years ago at this same jester bronze statue

 stew anyone - love the way the heat rises
 love this pottery - will suite my green decorated house - wonder if i could fit it in my suitcase
 ok i understand why people buy these fur coats - if they help when you freezing

Sunday, December 5, 2010

final prague

 in a winter wonderland i love it
 puppets the heart of prague
 its going to be a long ride down - might as well take a seat
 loved these retro stations in prague - wish i could have got a photo of each colour
 snow fun - the loves of my life
is it not just so pretty and festive
 carriage ride highlight

 kiarah loving reading

 the kids watching the polar bear having a blast in the water
so pretty all lit up

more prague cmas market and zoo

 girls giving me a puppet show after they watched a puppet show

 starbucks with my friend katrina - show glad she knows what to order - yum

 this was amazing glass between the girls and polar bear swimming up against it

 girls having fun on a slide

 zoo animal suckers

 mike and eery pack of wolves behind him