Thursday, September 29, 2011

Aug/ Sep Hungary 2011

Budapest zoo had a Madagascar display
walk to the canal -we made it to the train line

reminded us of the cross roads we came to in life - chosen to take up our cross and follow Jesus calling

Melissah is stoked with all her frog friends
Mike's favourite pose
aint she sweeeeeet
melissah put this hat on and said Mom I look like our air hostess did - hillarious so true Qatar Air
beautiful brides having photos at the beautiful castle
Blessed with sweeet friends - such lovely kids here
Off to Budapest with the students in a bus to celebrate 20 years of Calvary in Hungary (Golgota)
celebration service

View from the citadella at night Budapest
view from Monday morning Synoptic Gospel Luke class
wooohooo I get to join Mikey on Monday and Tuesday morning lectures!
Melissah swimming with a frog friend - she had two going actually - super stoked
playing with fun toys from a cool teenage girl here Megan
sad to say bye to Danjella
embarressed for all our luggage - well we did have to pack two seasons and a whole babies life! - oh ja and those how many boxes of rooibos tea for our friends here.......
melissah gets to meet the pilot before take off
he even gave her the honour of his hat and was offering her to go sit in his chair at this point and take the controls - she was too shy but I almost jumped in LOL
swim and swim and swim - such great weather we were blessed with and still hot here
the jungle gym a great fun spot
bikes are a highlight - they ride everywhere

Sienah becomes a water babe

Mike about to take the plunge - our house in the trees in the background - we stay downstairs and have lovely neighbours upstairs

Off to the zoo - cool shades pic - Sienah is saying where are mine
My favourite pic of Budapest underground - such a retro looking underground train
hmmmm interesting juggling metros with Sienah's pram this time round
Budepest architecture
Heroes Square Budapest
For our oumas - the lovely flowers

Budapest Zoo was a real treat
Melissah and her favourite turtles swimming in the background
breakfast spot - te lekker
the horses down the road we love to visit

when the corn was still semi green

goat were so fun at the zoo

we got train travel down to a t now

local Hungarian produce anyone - really good stuff

castle meals outside while the weather is so nice