Saturday, October 9, 2010

Last of photos Vajta Harvest Festival

Joining in the dancing

This sweet old lady just kept feeding my girls again and again
Mike chats with a local guy who can speak english and knows the castle - invites him to come to church again

The decorated food tables

Decorated waggon from the back
Corn field with the church steeple in background

Part 3 Vajta Harvest Festival

He reads something from a scroll
Pretty little girls - ooh Kiarah really wants one of these outfits!
Whip cracking is the sound you hear - apparently difficult to do
One of the delicious cakes handed to me to eat - everything is free drinks and snacks handed out - so nice they not trying to sell anything or make anything commercial out of their traditions
Kids were in their element with the most delicious cookies to eat - they bake well here

More Vajta Harvest Festival

The decorated waggons

Gypsy cart - their poor pony wanted a break

Kids stop at horses to say hi and feed some grass
Girls collect decorations on the way
The cool band!
Dancing begins - only woman though!
We join in with a sweet lady

The procession is off again to another part of town

Favourite pic of the day - no wonder their national dress has red in it
Following the procession

Vajta Harvest Festival Today

Pansies planted last week in time for ouma bday

Cross at the back grounds of castle was there when they bought the property years ago
Back of castle
God's beautiful creatures
Marta one of the missionaries serving at CCBCE dressed like a local
apples on the trees
Mike walking with his friend Marc toward the village

The flowers are so pretty

Procession starts

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Budapest part 4

Fooling around
Pretty flower beds everywhere

Down at the Danube

Shoe memorial to the Jews killed in the holocaust they were taken to the river and shot by the thousands

Melissah does a Greek dance for her Turkish supper?
More ice cream .... pudding
View from the Citadella Castel Hotel at night

Breakfast with a view

Aquaworld was a blast
Mushroom shower was so appropriate as loads of them at the castle

Rainbow slide Kiarah and Melissah

Kiarah in action on the kid super tube
Kiarah and Melissah on another kid super tube
Mike sneaks a kids ride

wave pool
This is the toilet bowl which you can get flushed down - always wanted to feel what that feels like
Mike pumped after hectic supertube ride