Wednesday, June 26, 2013

First month in Italy

First Month in Italy 

 Cant believe a month has gone and yet it has seemed quite a long month too. The weather changed drastically from quite chilly for a few days to Scorching heat! We have had 2 cooler days again with many thunder and lightning storms and boy when it rains it can certainly come down!

Our time has been spent with many days house hunting - still trying to find a place we would like to call home. Apartments are a big change for us, but if we dont find a freestanding house we have seen a loft apartment that we would choose for now. So keep this in prayer please. With no vehicle we have been walking quite alot and Mike has done alot more than me - he has even been doing our grocery shopping mostly. This in itself is a learning curve as we adjust to what is affordable for us to eat here - meat has gone off the menu (maybe mince once a week) and chicken once a week. Pasta and pizza feature... etc. As Mike says alot of things like cheese etc just taste so much nicer here - so we adjusting to the change in that area. Some ice cream is cheap so we have a treat of that when it is hot.

Siesta is a reality of life here. Sienah never had her normal 1400 to 1700ish sleep yesterday and by 1730 she fell asleep at the table eating a carrot! I think the heat and long days make it necessary to have a nap. The kids are then awake till about 10pm as then it is dark... So a different day schedule from SA. Homeschooling is going albeit slowly.... I love how my daughters now mock and scruitinise my handwriting telling me how wrong my letters are.... hmmm oh well I was not brought up in the Letterland days and I have always had a terrible handwriting, but thankfully Kiarah has not inheritted this by the looks of her work. It is fun and games but we will get there! I have been amazed to see how the kids have calmed down over this month and will quite happily wake up and start drawing or entertain themselves for hours playing lego friend imaginative games.. Slow paced life for now.

We have had an outing to Venice Kiarah and I which was wonderful and we also took a train towards the Dolomite mountains to a town called Belluno which was very beautiful. This area up North is very scenic and I look forward to discovering more pretty places around here. If we find a car Lord willing, it will be more easy to get out as a family and explore more.

Physically we have all had some challenges over this month, new diet, Sienah has a cough and temps for a few days, Melissah had a bad rash on her chest last week, etc but we doing good. Prayers for continued health and strength when it is so hot would be appreciated.

The team this side has been very helpful and welcoming. A lovely couple Caryn and Donovan have helped us so much to go to agents and see accommodation options etc. We look forward to getting to know everyone more. The pastor and the head of  the Bible College went to Murietta to the pastor's conference and other members of the team are also away at the moment. Our pastor here is actually in hospital as he has had an infection and so we pray he recovers quick and is back to full health.

We were blessed with two couches, a comfy chair, desk, fridge, toys, some kids bedding, cupboard and someone offered us a bed! It was a very humbling amazing thing to experience! A big help for us when we furnish a place - especially if we dont find a furnished home. Very thankful!

We are very excited as they are having music concerts in the summer at night in the town at various piazza's (squares). The church worship team has a slot Thurs eve this week and next week too, so we will be going to support and pray and Mike will help set up etc. Apparently last week there were thousands of people so I am excited for this opportunity. Please keep it in prayer. The summer evenings kick off at 9pm here so it will be a late night.

Mike has helped two families move since we here and done a little painting etc so he is just helping where he can and getting to know people. On Fridays there is a team prayer meeting in the morning, Sundays is church and there is also a Wednesday night midweek study at the church. The girls have been joining in Sunday school and were invited to their first Italian kids party which was so special.

Thats all for now, hope it gives you an idea of what we up to here. I must share that the Lord has ministered alot to me in the Psalms etc since being here and the main message that I got 3 times now is Ps 27:14 "Wait on the Lord, Be of good courage. And He shall strengthen your heart; Wait, I say, on the Lord!" Ps 31:24 "Be of good courage, And He shall strengthen your heart. All you who hope in the Lord." Our pastor also after that sent us this from where he is teaching back in SA: Joshua 1:9 "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go." Is it not amazing - I get the message Lord and now I must choose to obey and wait on Him and be of good courage and know He is going to strengthen my heart.

God bless you and we enjoy hearing from you all and you in our hearts and prayers.
We will send more news soon.

Cindy and family XxxxX

Address in Italy for now: Styles family, Via Piave 156, Montebelluna, Italy, 31044

Missions Financial Support: Absa Bank, branch: Bellville, Account Name: MM Styles, Account Number: 120303309, Account Type: Savings, Reference: Styles Family (missions support)

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