Saturday, November 5, 2011

Greece Athens report back and photos

Ministraki square with the team
Vassiliki - our host and fellow Greek believer giving us scriptures
Vassiliki giving the girls decorations
lovely team ladies
refugee Helping Hands ministry Athens
crafts with refugee kids
Mars Hill Athens - lady from Africa reading her Bible - Paul preached up here too
prayer time for Athens up on Mars Hill
Acroppoli Athens

guys on team plus Frank - missing is Travis the other missionary

Many a Greek Orthodox church building
walking around ancient Corinth

Famous Road of Corinth

Greek orthodox church

we got to see the sea at Corinth

This is where Paul would have arrived and left by boat at Corinth on his missionary travels

Greece has yummy treats to eat - esp Bakklava

Greek flag

Mike had a quick swim at Corinth

prayer intercession walks - Athens is huge with many apartment buildings and 5 - 6 million people

date night fellowship with missionaries
Greek Orthodox lady reading her Bible and whenever they pass an orthodox buidling they do the cross over their body

Logistics of 9 big bags of luggage for the missionaries - God worked it out with even Sienah's 10 kilos being mentioned in order to not get charged PTL

Athens is huge
These soldier houses got burnt down the next day by rioting crowds
many helping hands with the kids on the outreach
Ksena and Katti - sweetest missionary kids in Athens
missionary ladies Suzie Gonzalez and Kristen Spencer
Temple of Zeus
lots of walking to use Greek transport but the girls were happy on the strong guys shoulders

trash strikes - piles on all the street corners

interesting museum at Corinth
waiting for a bus
even the underground has museums - so many ancient treasures
pottery in Corinth museum

team cooking with Vassiliki our Greek host

refugee sweetie
worship player on our team

 team first night dinner - 6 Americans, a Slovenian, a Romanian and us South Africans
riot police were out if full force the two strike days
Suzie Gonzalez and Sienah
Kalamaki - greek style

Accro Corinth
Pick up sticks with refugee kids
helping with meal for refugees

Refugee kids game time
Its all Greek to me - the Greeks would say if they dont understand a language - its all Chinese to me

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